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Cultural exchange and excursion to Naivasha

We take this opportunity to mention, again, that on all the days we have been and will be in Kenya, three great girls accompany us everywhere: Wambui, Chela and Hortensia. We are immensely grateful and we feel very fortunate to have them. They help us in everything we need, they ensure that we never miss anything; they are our mothers in Kenya. They have joined the project voluntarily and it has been fantastic since we have shared the different ways of living and we have avoided some problems that could have arisen from our little experience of moving around in the country.

As for today's cultural outing, we went to Naivasha, to Crescent Island; it was quite an adventure. It turned out that just when we thought that we had arrived at the island, the driver of the bus used the wrong turning and the bus got stuck in a pit of sand on a dirt road. There was no way of moving forward. This incidence breathed a little tension in us but we were amazed to see that everyone who passed by helped us in one way or another. By digging out the sand and all kinds of obstacles that held the wheels of the bus captive, we finally managed to free it. A while later, we arrived at the park. It was a gift to see giraffes, monkeys, zebras, gazelles, wildebeest and buffalos. We have not stopped taking photos and making jokes. Some even dared to give food to the monkeys so we could see them more closely. It was fun watching them eat bananas and peanuts. On the way back many fell asleep in the bus, and others took the opportunity to talk to the driver. Tere, Silvia and Miriam were able to ask Joseph, our driver, a lot of things about the culture in Kenya and in general. They distracted him so much that he got lost and it took us much longer to return to Kimlea! Once we arrived, we had dinner. Nuria blew the candles and we went to bed immediately as it was a day full of surprises. Tomorrow we return to our children. A day has passed without our seeing them and we already miss them.

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