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Poverty and hapiness in Gatina

We worked with clay which they loved and did great with. We also reviewed the days of the week, numbers, and the alphabet. To learn the alphabet, we used a fun and catchy song.

In the afternoon we returned to visit families in Gatina. Gatina is another village, a few kilometres from Maramba, where there is also nursery. Many poor families live here. The conditions in which they live are extremely simple. Most of them live in one or two roomed houses with bare necessities. We surprised them with clothes and shoes as much for children as for adults. What happiness they transmitted with their glances! This experience has enriched us immensely on a personal level. We also started recording the report we want to do in order to showcase it in Spain and thus be able to raise funds to help these families. At night we shared opinions and feelings about what we had appreciated throughout the day.

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