Cooking classes at Kimlea Technical Training School

It seems as if we have known each other all our lives and they take care of us a lot. The joy and affection that the inhabitants of Limuru transmit to us every day is for us a lesson of simplicity, humility and above all human love. The children of Maramba await us with open arms and are excited every morning to see us. Today it's time to draw; how happy is a child with a piece of paper and a marker! Before starting the activity, we reviewed the numbers, the colors and the animals. Silvia led this session because when she speaks, all the children are bewildered, and keenly listen to her; it clearly shows that her vocation is teaching. The little ones use their imagination and shape it onto the pages. We help the younger ones to draw but they did the colouring themselves. The class breathes an environment difficult to explain, happiness, innocence and much affection.

While we were in Maramba, Nuria and Katty prepared for the housekeeping and cookery classes that they were to give to women at the Kimlea Business Centre. Today's recipe was  "Italian pizza" that was super tasty. The students learned, and the most important thing is that they had a good time; the truth is that with "Lady Katherine" (as she calls herself) it is impossible not to laugh. Lucky Nuria was made official translator into English. Together they made a great team as they are passionate about their profession and that is what we all notice, the students included. However, there was a power cut during part of the afternoon and they could not make the pizzas until the electricity was reconnected. As it was not the first time for this to happen during our stay, we asked if it is usual to have power cuts. We were told that it happens a lot and that they are used to it. In the afternoon we prepared activities for the children, showered with ice water or just relaxed. The weather here has been wet and our clothes are muddy so we took advantage to do laundry. A great day today, we continued to learn and we are convinced that there is a lot in store for us because the adventure has only just begun.

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