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We have noticed that two of them are injured. Raffenda has swollen fingers which ache and which she has difficulty using. She suffers a lot from this pain but we bandaged them so she got comfort from that. She was happy and she did not stop looking at this thing that we wrapped around her fingers. Interestingly, her name is Laventer, but it has been corrupted to Raffenda because of the influence of local languages on the English language!

Another child, Maggie has been limping for days. We noticed that she has a bruise on the sole of her foot; it is swollen and getting worse by the day. We cleaned and disinfected the wound as much as we could but it was still hurting. We try to get her to go to Kimlea's clinic, through her mother, so that that little foot can be looked at. As for today's activity, we made origami, some animal shapes. It was an entertaining activity.

In the afternoon we went to give clothes to the girls who live in Kimlea. All the clothes we have given have been donations from friends and family. We are happy that you have made them so excited. At night we had a movie night with the students who live in Kimlea. We watched Wonder, a beautiful movie full of values. There was a very good atmosphere among all of them. We were a bit shocked because the students laughed a lot when Auggie, the main character’s family, cried after the death of their dog. The students found it amusing because it is not common to have pets and they did not understand how one can have so much affection for a dog. An all-round day today, also thanks to Lady Katty and Elena, because we enjoyed some delicious sugar popcorn during the film. Good night.

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