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As we have been doing every day, we prepare the necessary material for the activities we want to do and with the backpacks loaded we take a matatu to Maramba. We arrived and, from afar, some children saw us. They began to run towards us and the routine began; hugs, kisses and lots and lots of joy. Seeing that the group of volunteers is reduced (since Mapi, Miriam, Emily and Ruth have stayed working at home) they ask about the rest of the muzungus (informal Kiswahili word for Europeans). We have created a special bond with them.

To begin with, we reviewed some things they have learned during these 2 weeks. We finished and started a craft with the children. We made Frisbees with cardboard plates. They decorated them with colors and they started playing with them. We had fun like never before.

After a while we left because the afternoon promised to be intense and we had to be back to Kimlea as soon as possible. After lunch we divided ourselves into groups. Some were responsible for giving house-keeping and cooking classes to the women in Kimlea. Others were tasked with decorating some cakes that will be sold at a golf event to raise money for the school. Finally, another group was responsible for finishing the dolls that would be given to the children on the last day. We are looking forward to seeing their faces when they receive the dolls!

With every day that passes, we find ourselves having less time in Kenya, but our hearts keep getting fuller.

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