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Finally the dawn is clear!

We have been waking up early to catch it but as it is winter in Kimlea, the sunrise is enveloped by dense fog and cloudy skies. Yet we know that with every sunrise, the sky fills with hope that spreads into our lives and syncs the beating of our hearts. Dawn is hope, it is life, it is movement, it is rising, it is moving forward, and it is singing of birds, it is light. It is a word full of life. And in the African sky, the dawn has a special color.

After the several attempts to watch the sunrise, majority of us are already discouraged and prefer to sleep... only Silvia and Mapi keep their hopes up. And then the moment arrived. They got up quickly, in the spirit of adventure, and left the clinic residence through the front door. The day was just beginning to clear. They go to the adjoining farm, with the cameras ready. They have never seen anything so beautiful. They distract ourselves by testing the cameras in manual mode, shooting at different speeds in order to capture the moment, and share it with the rest of the team.

In the middle of the morning we managed to arrive, after dividing ourselves into groups and taking several matatus, to Elephant's Orphanage, in Nairobi, where we witness how they feed the elephant babies that have been orphaned. We watch them run and grab their milk bottles from their care givers using their trunks. They play in the mud and some of us get splashed while they are at it.

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