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46% of the inhabitants (313 million people) of Sub-Saharan Africa live in a situation of dire poverty, on less than 1 euro a day. Only one out of every ten Africans who suffer from Aids get the medication necessary to combat it.

It is calculated that 100 million children throughout the world do not have access to formal education, of which 44 million are found in Sub-Saharan Africa. The role of women in these countries is key to providing the necessary pulse to the economy.  However, the majority of them are discriminated against simply for being a woman.

The Montblanc Foundation projects in Africa are centred above all in the areas of education, professional training for women and in health.


In Latin America, 7% of the population lives on less than 1 euro a day.  23 out of every 1000 children die before the age of 5. According to the 2012 UN report Objectives for the New Millennium “Education of mothers is essential in determining if her children will survive the first five years of life.  In all the regions on the road to development/under development the children of mothers with a certain level of education are at less risk of dying. The chances of surviving are likely to increase if their mother has been educated to secondary or higher level.  

“In addition to the beneficial influence of education, the rate of survival can also vary positively if other social services are increased, such as the empowerment of women, or the increase in health services at local level. For this reason, the projects of the Montblanc Foundation in Latin America are directed in particular towards education and professional training.


Asia is the most extensive and populated continent on earth and concentrated within is India, the fastest economic growth in the world.  However, there are also large areas that are underdeveloped and a significant section of the population subsists on agriculture.

The Montblanc Foundation collaborates with some projects, which work to improve living conditions on the Asian continent, referring especially to the education of children and young people and training for women.

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