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Joint publications

As part of the promotional activities relating to culture and education carried out by the Montblanc Foundation, we include in this section two publications which can be accessed by contacting us by email.

These are:

El príncepe de África  (The Prince of Africa)

For the opening story to the “Educar en solidaridad” [Educate together] collection, the Foundation has translated and edited the short story “El príncipe de África”, by Núria Torrell, into Catalan. This is a lovely story in which the author illustrates that having the strength to adapt oneself and respecting others is the best way to overcome cultural differences and begin a good friendship. It is aimed at boys and girls from the age of 7.

Con los 5 sentidos  (With the five senses)

From the “Educar en solidaridad” [Educate together] collection, the title “Con los 5 sentidos” [With the five senses] is easy to read and manages to raise more than one smile from those of us who live immersed in a technological and, let’s be honest, a rather dehumanised society. It speaks of life in a rural area in eastern Bolivia; poor, suffering and on the edge of exclusion…

The author, Blancamaría Sanz Hidalgo has lived in Bolivia for 18 years and always says that “we do not choose the country we are born in, but the place we choose to live completely compromises our existence”.

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