Talent on stage for the farmers projects

On April 29th, a team of 25 young university students staged a solidarity musical to raise funds for the project to help farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Let's help the female farmers from the DR of Congo

The Women Farmers Project promotes the organization of 50 women plantation workers from the agricultural area of Lutendele, in the city of Kinshasa, providing them with the necessary capital funding so that they can administer their own vegetable production — without using cassava cultivation as credit, the basis of the family diet —  increasing business production and effectiveness and facilitating joint marketing of surpluses.

Eva Camarasa, volunteer from Mou Fitxa, visits us

In early June, Montblanc invited Eva Camarasa to see the Foundation. Throughout the visit, she told us several stories about what she had experienced over the past year whilst doing voluntary work for the Retirement and Care Home Organisation at the Pare Vilaseca Retirement Home.