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Elora Dufour, a French intern student, leaves the Foundation

Elora Dufour has been working on international cooperation projects for the Democratic Republic of the Congo since April 2017.

Elora Dufour, who is currently studying a Master in International Relations in France, came to our Foundation to do her work placement. Curiously, she decided to do the internship in Barcelona even though she has an advance English level. On one hand Elora wanted to improve her Spanish and, on the other hand, the chance to work on a Foundation that promotes women’s projects internationally, and not only locally. 

 She arrived at the beginning of April 2017 and she has been with us until the end of May. These two months have helped her to learn about local volunteering, international cooperation, voluntary groups and how to design exhibitions and events to raise funds. We have seen her grow: she arrived here speaking basic Spanish and unsure of facing new challenges; now as we say goodbye to her she is much more courageous and sure of herself, she has an almost professional control of the language. She has even learned to read Catalan and say a few words.

 But she has not been the only one to have learnt from the experience; the Foundation’s team has also grown with her throughout these two months. Elora, who always has a smile on her face, has taught us not only French, but to believe in ourselves and also to have fresh young perspectives when we are creating and developing our projects.

Now we must finally say goodbye to her, as she goes for two months to Madrid to continue her internship at the Foundation “Peace and Cooperation”; where she will surely learn new aspects about her passion: International Relations. After all this time, Elora hopes to do the second part of her Master's degree at one of the prestigious universities in Paris; we are fully convinced, that she will manage to do it because she is very committed worker and puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

We wish her the best and we encourage her to continue fighting for her dreams: we will always support her as much as we could.


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