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Associations support

Montblanc Foundation thinks that being associated is a frame adapted to add efforts and to share ideal in the task of obtaining a better world. We think that it is an instrument of civil participation with projection to the society, which allows them to evolve towards more just and solidary models. Because of it, Montblanc supports the not lucrative associations, them providing helps and tools adapted for their management.

  • Advice


    We rest to associations and not lucrative entities, of Catalan area, which have how up to the protection to the infancy and to the youth:

    • In juridical, fiscal and countable matter.
    • In organization and management of the entity.
    • In obtaining of public and private resources.

  • Aids


    Montblanc grants economic aids for projects executed by associations and ONGD's that take the protection as an end (purpose) to the infancy and the youth. For his (her,your) request, it is necessary to send:

    • Explanatory letter of the project indicating the quantity of the requested help.
    • Bylaws of the Association.
    • Budget of the Association (year in process and the foreseen one and realized of the previous year).
    • Relation of entities that collaborate with the Association.
    • Memory(Report) of activities of the Association.

  • Camps


    A few years ago, a group of Catalan associations, which some of them had agreements with the Foundation, asked in MontBlanc for advice and support at the moment of organizing the summer colonies that every year were preparing all together.

    In the line of offering support to the associations that ask for it, the Foundation agreed since then to organize and manage the summer colonies: from the contracting of the houses, the design and the printing of the summer leaflets, the programming of the activities, the contracting of the motor-coaches and the management of the inscriptions, the payments and the documentation. In total they are organized between 10 and 12 colonies by an average of 700 participants.

  • Formation


    We give courses of management for non-profit associations that take as a purpose the protection of the infancy and the youth.

    We also organize days, seminars and specific courses for associations.

    And we promotee the participation in congresses and other activities of interest for the not lucrative entities.


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