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  Project: Kamalini Training Center Location: New Delhi Counterpart: Educational & Développement Initiatives (EDI) Direct beneficiaries: 3,000 students Indirect beneficiaries: 24,000 people Purpose: Indian women are subjected to great discrimination, especially in the lower social strata and in rural areas. They are systematically denied, by their own families and society in general,...

Phương Mỹ Project, toilets for families in Vietnam

Project: Phuong Mỹ Project - toilets for families in Vietnam Location: Phuong Mỹ Community, Hà Tinh Province, Huong Khe District, Vietnam. Project objective: Facilitate access to healthcare for vulnerable families. Counterpart: Caritas Vietnam. Collaborators: Colegio de Arquitectos, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and private donors. Beneficiaries: 12 families living in poverty,...

Kamalini: Solidarity Tourist Route

In Kamalini they have come up with a creative way of working together with our organisation which is dedicated to the education of the most disadvantaged women.

Montblanc Foundation for women promotion

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